Bin Gardening

Bin Gardening

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Bird Food Garden

Many gardeners enjoy bird watching and reaping the benefits the birds provide by keeping populations of insect pests under control.  To attract birds to the garden, it helps to provide water for drinking and bathing, as well as a supply of wild bird seed to supplement their diet. 

Homemade trail mix

I found that the many bird visitors to my feeders were eating faster than I could keep the containers filled, so I decided to do an experiment, and hopefully, save some time and money.

Empty feeders after 2 days

I let the seed that fell from the feeders germinate and grow around the poles and feeders. I never prepared the ground or watered the seedlings – I just let nature take its course and didn’t interfere by mowing or weeding that small patch of sprouting millet, safflower, corn, and sunflowers. 

It created a bit of a messy garden spot for a season, but it was definitely worth it to have back-up food available when the feeders were empty, and to see the birds enjoying their organic seed buffet.

Green buds full of seeds

Cardinal snacking in the rain

Still visiting in fall

Bursting with seeds

Leftover seeds for the winter

Providing bird seed through the year at no extra cost was effortless and rewarding! 

Many blessings to you, garden friends! ~Karen

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