Bin Gardening

Bin Gardening

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

All Things White and Beautiful

There is a heavenly fragrance in the air from the bouquet of white blossoms in our yard and neighborhood. It lures me outside several times each day just to inhale the combined perfume of magnolias, gardenias, blackberry blossoms, mock orange flowers, laurel blooms, honeysuckle, roses, clover, apple blossoms, lily of the valley, alliums, and moonflower. There are other beautiful, fragrant, and colorful flowers in the garden, but this season, the whites have definitely dominated this aromatic landscape.
Gallery of white blossoms in our yard 
Gardenias: Double and single petals
IMG_9218a     IMG_3103a
IMG_9235a     IMG_9232a
IMG_8935a       IMG_1924a IMG_1925a      IMG_1926aIMG_9077a      IMG_9076a
Mock Orange
IMG_8933a       IMG_8934a
Moonflower and Clover
 IMG_5272a             IMG_8248a
Blackberry and White Rose
IMG_8849a   IMG_1107a  
Lily of the Valley
IMG_8675a       IMG_8678a
IMG_9030a        IMG_9162aIMG_9026a        IMG_9027aIMG_9028a        IMG_9099aIMG_9103a        IMG_9169a
Not as fragrant, but “small and white, clean and bright…”
Dogwood blossoms
IMG_1422a        IMG_4061a
Bradford Pear Blossoms
IMG_8234a        IMG_8187aIMG_8189a        IMG_8222a
Yoshino Cherry and Various Trees in the Pasture
IMG_8346a      IMG_8223a         
Cosmos and Blueberry
IMG_9015a       IMG_8642a    
IMG_8696a   IMG_9219a
Hosta and Wild Aster
IMG_6978a   IMG_9238a
IMG_8585a   IMG_8626a

And a few shots from last year…
Gourd Blossom and Flower
IMG_7305a    White gourd flower
Azalea Buds Opening
Various White Treasures
IMG_1455a IMG_3881a

IMG_1598a  IMG_0085a

Indoor Whites from Late Winter
IMG_7011a   IMG_7024a

IMG_0313a    IMG_0314a

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